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We have made it an art of changing broken and lost teeth grimaces, into self confidence building wonderful smiles. We find if you’re not happy with your teeth that you don’t want to smile in photos or are concerned to laugh out load. If this is you, we can look at using various techniques to rebuild your smile and happiness.


When a tooth has lost a bit of its size, shape or colour we can rebuilt it back to its natural form. We can use many types of restorations, from a filling, veneer or a crown. Whichever is best suited to give strength and looks back to the tooth.


If you have missing teeth we can use various ways to fill the gaps, Implants, Bridges and/or Dentures.


Different techniques can be mixed and matched to make the rebuild blend into not only the tooth itself, but to the surrounding teeth and face in general.


Cosmetic Restorations

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