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TMJ and Botox

It seems that Botox has become a mainstream product that is being used for everything from smoothing facial wrinkles to treating excessive armpit sweating to relieving chronic migraines.


1.The Dental Board of Australia’s position on Botox is that it is a safe treatment to be administered by Dentists with training in its correct administration for the relief of temporomandibular joint disorder.

2 This is sometimes referred to as “TMJ” disorder.

So, what exactly is Botox? The brand name “Botox” refers to a specific product registered for use in the USA for medical and cosmetic procedures.

3 It is actually derived from a bacteria called Clostridium botulinum.3 This bacteria does not require oxygen to survive and is usually contracted when a person eats contaminated food.

4 Infection with this bacteria is usually fatal. Perhaps this does not sound like something that you might like to try? Don’t worry--medically available strains of this toxin, such as Botox are purified to be safe for human injection, they are not intended to be eaten.

5,There is evidence that when used correctly by a Dentist (or a Doctor) with the appropriate training, Botox injections can relieve symptoms of TMJ which can include soreness of the jaw joint, headaches, popping or clicking noises and ear pain.

6 In fact, Botox injections can alleviate the pain and symptoms of TMJ for up to three months.

7Is this something that might be relevant to you?


First, a thorough assessment including a comprehensive questionnaire needs to be completed to determine whether you suffer from TMJ disorder. Once this has been confirmed, an individual treatment plan must be formulated which may include several modality of treatment methods.

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