A recent AC Neilson survey conducted in Australia revealed 82% of respondents believe straight teeth and a bright smile are important for self esteem and 81% think this makes a person more attractive.
Sound familiar?
It’s flexible and can work in with your busy lifestyle and it’s NEVER too late to show the world the real you.
Invisalign was launched in 1998 and to date over half a million patients have been treated with over 40 000 orthodontists and dentists that offer the treatment worldwide.Invisalign is a virtually undetectable, easy-to-use, removable, comfortable and hygienic system for correcting crooked or cramped teeth that offer a revolutionary alternative to traditional braces.
Invisalign uses a series of clear, plastic, removable appliances (‘Aligners’) that gently move teeth to desired final positions.
Cutting-edge three dimensional computer graphics, the internet and patented software is used to manufacture individual Invisalign Aligners for each patient.When used as a sole form of treatment, it can treat approximately 80% of people.
Treatment duration varies from six months – fourteen months.
Key benefits of Invisalign are that:
  • It is virtually invisible. No one will know you are in treatment and you can smile during as well as after treatment.
  • Patients can remove the Aligners for meals and special events.Aligners can be removed so teeth can be easily brushed and flossed, promoting healthy teeth and preventing gum disease.
  • There is no metal to cause abrasion in the mouth or gum and tongue infections.
  • Patients can view their own virtual treatment plan when they start on a computer screen, enabling them to see how their teeth will look on completion of the treatment.


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