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Dental Implant

Dr Kenneth Lee is an expert in
Dental Implants and the more complex procedures associated with Implant Success
He has more than 25 years of experience in Implant placement and one of the first dentists in Australia to utilize Piezosurgery and patient's own stem cells (CGF) routinely to minimize trauma and improve success 
Single & Multiple Tooth Implants


When a tooth or teeth are lost the bone and gums that are supporting them begin to diminish immediately. The longer you wait before implant placement the more lost tissue is lost.
Each case is different as are the needs of each person. However the careful consideration of the hard and soft tissue as well as the missing teeth in every case should never change.
Here at Today’s Dental, we possess the necessary skills set to accommodate for all considerations. We are always mindful of the basics of implant dentistry; that is to REPLACE WHAT HAS BEEN LOST.
Implant Advantages
  • Implants are fixed and do not need to be removed.
  • They do not trap food.
  • They are not a cause of embarrassment which is often the case with dentures.
  • The teeth either side of the gap do not need to be treated avoiding complications such as root canal treatment and decay .
  • The cost is comparative to having a bridge.
Usual Procedure
Simple cases need about 4 appointments
  1. A comprehensive consultation and diagnostic imagery (x rays). We will provide a detailed treatment plan including a breakdown of costs.
  2. Implant placement (and if needed, a temporary restoration). A healing phase is necessary and can range from weeks to months, however 3–4 months is usual.
  3. Impressions are then taken for the final crown placement.
  4. Issue of the final implant supported crown or bridge.
Complex cases obviously take longer as bone or soft tissue replacement are considered and treated.
If There is Insufficient Bone

As soon as a tooth is lost the supporting bone and gum tissue begin to diminish.

The longer you wait before implant placement the more tissue is lost. Bone grafting techniques are used to encourage the growth of bone and soft tissue where they are needed.

This allows us to provide an optimum foundation for your dental implants and can be essential in cases where there is not enough bone or aesthetics are important. There are many techniques to achieve this including: block bone grafts, autogenous bone grafts, sinus lifts, allografts and xenografts.

The idea behind any bone graft is that it is eventually replaced by YOUR OWN bone to support a tooth that will feels like YOUR OWN tooth.

The Today's Dental team are very experienced in all forms of grafting and will explain the reasons and the rationale behind which method is best for you.

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