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Dental Cleaning or Hygiene Appointments


At Today's Dental, we have specially trained members in our dental team who work together with the dentists to provide a comprehensive dental care - Dental Hygienist and Dental Hygienist/Therapist.


What is the role of a Hygienist?

Dental hygienist work together with the dentist to plan an oral health maintenance program, including assessment of your periodontal (gum) health, evaluation of x-rays and improve the quality of your smile.

They remove calculus (build up) deposits and stains from your teeth, apply decay preventing agents and recommend products for home use.

Below are some of the most common question and answers about dental hygiene:


Dental Hygiene FAQ


Why is it so important to have regular dental cleans?

Gum disease is painless, and affects around 95% of the population in different degrees. You could be more affected if you are a smoker, have a chronic disease, take medications, or have a genetic predisposition. It is irreversible but it can be controlled by having regular check ups and regular cleans. In some cases, regardless of age you can lose teeth if not treated on time.

Why is home dental care so important?

Dental disease can be prevented, and over 50% of this is achieved by your home dental hygiene. Effective plaque control techniques help to prevent gum disease and tooth decay that can lead to extensive and costly dental treatment.

Will I feel discomfort?

Usually dental hygiene treatment is pain free. If you find treatment uncomfortable it is important that you discuss this with the hygienist, there are several options to help.

Will it be expensive?

Not at all, our philosophy is to keep prices low and oral hygiene is the foundation to maintain a long term relation with our customers, and been able to provide you with and affordable health service.

Each session takes around 45 minutes, with one of our experienced dental hygienist, or by request with the dentist at the same fees.

Why does the dentist not do the cleaning?

Dental Hygienists/Therapists  are specially trained to perform preventive treatment and maintenance of the mouth, teeth and gums,  but by request you can have one of our practitioners to provide you with this service too.

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